The Company Bone Marrow



GRADE A: Everything has to be top level – that is, always getting better. We are always improving, looking for minor things and big things to tweak to make better. We listen as well as innovate for the customer.


ONLY WORK WITH THE BEST: Only smart people with proven track records fit this culture. We need to make sure our team is the most excellent it can be on every front. We want to stack our team! Really, really vet who works with us, but also use your gut.


NO EGO, NO COMFORT ZONE: We do what makes us feel uncomfortable. No hiding in the shadows. We love the best idea to come forward and beat all the other ideas. We know that the any idea, even the one we end up using, is in response to the other ideas that perhaps we do not use.


OPTIMISTIC: When something goes the way we don’t want it to go, we remember we can fix it! Any failure is really just a call to creativity. When good things happen – we did it, it’s going to last, and it’s going to spread. When what we don’t want happens, it’s short term, fixable by our action, and it’s already contained.


WORK FAST, LONG, HARD: We must move faster than everyone else, no one will ever outwork us. Yet we maintain quality (“Grade A”). We aren’t afraid of the fundamentals and that sets us apart: the sales calls, the in depth customer service, the attention to product detail. We think, we problem solve. If the work is hard, we do it anyway.


PROBLEM SOLVING: If we don’t get sales, or traffic, we problem solve, we solution make. If we have a product that isn’t delivering – we put on our creativity hats. We don’t dwell on what’s wrong, but what is right, what is fixable.


UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING/NEVER BE BORING!!: We need new products, new ads (especially for affiliates), new ideas! We watch out for ad fatigue, and when we are becoming stale. New graphics? Streamline?


SMART: Analytics. Data. Market trends. New markets to expand to. Ask customers. Think out the consequences of an idea. Ask questions. Keep learning.


HAPPY AND JOYFUL TO EVERYONE: Bring a positive attitude to work, and throughout the rest your life. Happiness can’t be turned on or off, it is a decision. Make sure everyone you talk with – whether a customer or another business or YOURSELF – comes away feeling good. The use of emojis in messages do wonders – text is sometimes hard to convey emotion. When you are unsure, use saintly kindness! If you mess up, admit your mistake and move on. Don’t get caught in guilt, even if you go a few days in a bad mood. Don’t think of yourself, just snap out of it and smile.